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"Michelle is very knowledgeable and patient with both the dog owner and pet."
​-Rich Coppell, TX

"Wonderful. Helpful. And she really knows dogs. I would recommend her to anyone. She has a very clear set of training methods, and she explains why and how she does it that way." - Howard Dallas, TX

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"Michelle was great with our high energy Boykin spaniel, Abby. She showed us numerous ways to train our puppy to sit, stay, come and other." - Joellen Allen, TX

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"Michelle Huntting in my opinion is one of the top trainers in the U.S.. My wife and I have had the pleasure of dog training through her. Our dogs are wonderful. We continue to train and work with them. Thank you for everything."
--Robert S. Raeford, NC

The Zen Dog.™

"Michelle makes everyone and their canines feel relaxed, comfortable, and special!"
-- Oz, Pinehurst, NC 

 We had a in-home session for our 10 week old Vizsla Jake. Michelle worked with Jake and had him touching the bells on the door to go outside really fast. She also showed us how to train Jake on the basic things. We are looking forward to the class Control Unleashed. Thanks a lot for setting up Jake for success!!!" 
--Mike H. Hope Mills, NC

"We were having trouble getting my one year old lab to go in to her crate. After 1 session with Michelle, Ally went right in her crate! It was wonderful. I was able to observe what Michelle did so that after she left, I had a dog that would listen to me and go in her crate! I honestly could not have done it without the help of Michelle. She also helped with my dogs fear of the laminate flooring. Now we are doing well and are much happier. Thanks Michelle!" 
-- Stephanie R. Raeford, NC
"We have had so much success with our English Mastiff, Michelle is the best trainer. I would recommend her group classes and one on one sessions to EVERYONE."  -- Crystal E. Raeford, NC

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Michelle is available nation-wide for private consultations and training through on-line venues. She also works directly with clients in Texas with group classes and one-on-one sessions.

the zen dog™ online group class

Learn hands-on from Michelle's new innovative techniques to help teach your dog focus, impulse control, and calming skills.

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Michelle has put together fantastic, easy to follow, innovative training books as a resource for pet owners and new ideas for professional trainers.