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Day Training- Better than board and train 

What is day training?

Day training is a home training visit by

a nationally recognized dog trainer. Michelle

will come for one hour (work with just your dog)

once a day for ten days, training basics manners with

your dog to include: sit, down, stay, come, polite greeting, leave it, and polite leash walking. This is a great alternative to board and train as your dog doesn't have to experience the stress of being away from home, cheaper than board and train, you don't have to miss your pup, and while you are at work your dog will be gaining training skills. 


Do I have to be home while she trains?

No, Michelle will conduct an evaluation and at that time go over the training program and with your permission to work with your dog while you are gone at work. During her visit she will also potty your dog, so it's also a great mid-day break for him. If you are home, Michelle will only be working with your dog to ensure a full hour of intense training. 


How do I maintain the behaviors after program is complete?

When Michelle completes the ten day program with your dog, she will conduct a one-on-one session with you to ensure that you can continue to maintain the solid behaviors she established. This is a one hour session in your home.


Does Michelle take my dog around town?

​There are certain situations if specific skills are needed, Michelle may do this. Michelle will inform you if this is needed and an additional signed waiver is required.


​What does the package include?


  • Initial Evaluation: This in-home evaluation is for trainer to see if this program is a good fit.
  • One hour of training once a day for 10 days.
  • Your dog will learn basics manners to include: sit, down, stay, come, polite greeting, leave it, and polite leash walking.
  • A training manual written by Michelle Huntting.
  • A one hour transfer session where Michelle will demo and explain how to maintain behaviors.


What areas does Michelle provide services?
Plano, Allen, and close surrounding area


What time does trainer come?
Time and availability is based on trainer's schedule, but there will be an agreed upon time with pet guardian and trainer at initial evaluation. 


Cost of program?

The total cost of program is $500. 


How do I schedule or get more information?

Contact Michelle directly, (910) 583-1924 or