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For puppies ages 12 weeks through 5 months. This program is especially designed to focus on a positive foundation for both owner and puppy. Within this course the owner will be taught how to establish leadership, how to prevent bad habits from forming, the basic cues (sit, stay, polite leash walking, focus, come, down, and polite human greeting). We will also discuss common issues with puppies like potty training, nipping, chewing, and barking. This is a 6 week course that meets consecutively once a week for one hour. This course includes a published training manual.

Puppy Kindergarten Course Includes:
Basic cues: sit, stay, polite leash walking, focus, come, down, and polite human greeting
Potty training, nipping, chewing, and more
Published training manual
One hour of training per week for SIX weeks


This course if for dogs ages 12 weeks and up. This course is designed for dogs that need the extra help with maintaining focus with distractions, are easily excited, or hyper-active. Dogs will learn focus, impulse control, calming skills, a strong cue of down, a strong cue of stay, go to mat, go to kennel, focus, and relationship building. This is a SIX week course (and one on-line class) that meets one hour each week. 

Promotes over-all relaxation response and focus in daily life
Helps eliminate jumping and yapping & barking
More control and focus on leash and outdoors
Helps dogs maintain focus when other people and dogs are passing by on walks
Builds a strong bond and relationship
Other things covered: Strong cue of stay, down, leave it, go to mat and go to kennel 

Don't live in the Dallas area? Join Michelle's FOUR week on-line course! 


This SIX week course is considered an intermediate class and (2 hours each week) will cover a strong know-how for Therapy dog visits from getting dog use to medical equipment and other distractions, how to conduct visits, dog's calming and stress signals, and so much more. The course is designed to prepare you and your dog for therapy work. The price includes: Therapy Training Course, and Training manual

Therapy Prerequisites: Canine must be at least 1 year of age, canine must have lived with owner for at least six months, passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluation, dog must understand basic obedience cues, no history of aggression  


For dogs ages 5 months and older. This program is especially designed to focus on a positive approach to teach your canine human manners (greeting people politely, polite leash walking, stay, sit, down, start of heel, leave it, and come). This program will discuss how to maintain leadership in your home and how to correct bad habits that my have already begun. This course is 6 weeks in length and meets once a week for one hour. Course includes a published training manual. 

Manners Course Includes:

Cues: Greeting people politely, polite leash walking, sit, stay, down, leave it, start of heel, and come
Published training manual 
One hour of training per week for SIX weeks

 Therapy Dog Training