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Behavioral issues

Now providing in-home sessions in Austin, Texas.

Zip Codes: 78702, 78703, 78701, 78746

If your dog is experiencing extreme behaviors like separation anxiety, chewing, nipping, barking, or fear please contact Michelle directly. She will ask a lot of questions over the phone and schedule a two hour in-home evaluation. She will make further recommendations based on your dog's needs. Evaluations includes a written review. Prices range based on location and behavior issues. Please review cancellation/change policy

Other issues:

Potty Training


Over excited 

More focus

leash walking

Basic commands

Come when called
​dog cat introduction

And more!

One-On-One dog Training Session

Michelle will come to your home to work on any behavior that you would like to establish like polite leash walking, greeting guests politely, come, stay. In-home sessions range from one hour to one and half hours. Each in-home visit includes a written hand out and a 10-15 minute phone or Skype follow-up. Prices vary based on location.