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Gotta Go!: Successfully Potty Training Your Dog
Control on Leash: Revolutionary Leash Walking Techniques for Dog Owners

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Gotta Go! Successfully Potty Train Your Dog

This book is a fantastic practical, step-by-step, easy to follow guide to positive potty training with tips and ideas to set you, your puppy, or older dog up for success. Learn how to train your dog to ring a bell to let you know he's "Gotta Go!" Pet owners will benefit from Michelle Huntting's expertise in positive dog training methods.

Control on Leash

Michelle Huntting offers dog owners and trainers fresh, new training ideas that really work in her book Control on Leash. She combines her years of training experience and knowledge of canine behavior with biofeedback techniques to teach dogs the impulse control and focus required for polite leash walking. Owners will understand how dogs view their world and will have all the tools needed to gain the skills they’ve always wanted in order to gain control of their dog on leash. This is a must read for any dog owner!

Come, Boy!

Come, Boy! will help you achieve the recall responses from your dog you’ve always wanted. No longer will “come” be a mere suggestion to come when you call but a certainty. This book, based on positive methods, will not only set your dog up for success but will cultivate strong communication between you and your dog, resulting in a more intimate relationship.

Michelle has put together fun, easy, step-by-step exercises to help you achieve a well-trained canine companion that will respond the first time you call.  You will gain peace of mind from learning the steps Michelle outlines to ensure your dog’s safety. Throughout your read, you will enjoy Michelle’s thoughtful anecdotal, human analogies that will give you understanding from your dog’s perspective.

Come is the number one most important cue your dog should know because it could save his life. Michelle makes it fun and easy to teach with her book, Come, Boy!

Holiday Survival Kit for Your Dog

Michelle Huntting may not be able to help you prepare for the holiday hustle and bustle, the wintery wonder land, or the family drama, but she can help your dog be more relaxed, polite and comfortable with company. This book will help you successfully train your dog to:Greet people politely, prevent bolting (both from car and home), help your dog maintain Zen (impulse control and calming skills), and so much more!