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The Zen Dog.™ Online.
Teaching impulse control, calming skills, and focus

Want to successfully train your dog with Michelle in your own living room?  Here’s your chance!
Michelle has successfully trained dogs from coast to coast by using a virtual classroom! The Zen Dog is an interactive, live, on-line course. Michelle will guide you and your dog through Powerpoint presentations and pre-recorded video clips, and live coaching. After explanation of the particular exercise, Michelle breaks up the group, and each dog handler team works live via webcam with Michelle. With her years of training experience, she will successfully coach you to better your handling and training skills. All classes will be recorded so if you have to miss a week, you can easily make it up.
Requirements for course:
Fast internet connection
Kennel, mat, treats

Course includes:
One hour of training for four weeks
Availability outside of class time for any questions during the course
Written handouts for each week
Video clips of exercises for your review
Recorded class by demand 

Promotes over-all relaxation response and focus in daily life
Helps eliminate jumping and yapping & barking
Develops more control and focus on leash and outdoors
Helps dogs maintain focus when other people and dogs are passing by on walks
Builds a strong bond and relationship

Other materials covered: Strong cue of stay, down, leave it, go to mat, and go to kennel 

Who can attend? This course is for dogs ages 8 weeks and up.
How to get started:
Complete payment and online information
A week before class starts, we will email you a registration packet.
Complete packet, scan and email it back to us, or drop in snail mail (address will be included in packet)